Isabelle Philogene is a freelance fashion stylist who is based in Washington, DC. She is a lady who lives for fashion and who is passionate about helping people achieve a wonderful, individual style for themselves. Isabelle is known as a dynamo amongst her peers, simply due to her passion and drive to achieve great results for her clients. She has always had an eye for fashion and an ability to quickly assess what suits individuals.

Isabelle has extensive experience in clothing fit and design. Her background as a personal stylist and clothing boutique manager and buyer of ready-to-wear fashion enables her to help clients develop their overall image to achieve personal and professional goals. With her deep knowledge of fashion and style, Isabelle is able to guide her clients in what arrangements and colors work right for their personality. She expertly fine-tunes wardrobes and makes the task of getting dressed in the morning or in the evening a stress-free experience. Through a wide-ranging and expansive resource network, Isabelle is able to continuously research the latest in fashion trends and consumer tastes. Ultimately, Isabelle strives to synthesize clients' unique sensibilities into a seamless, comprehensive statement of fashion and lifestyle.

Previous clients include:

  • Strayer University
  • Lansinoh Brasil
  • Lansinoh USA
  • Felix Magazine
  • UCG Magazine
  • Babiekins Magazine
  • Babytalk Magazine
  • Bamboo Family Magazine
  • Lunchbox Magazine
  • Washingtonian Magazine
  • The Original Skidders
  • Ferd Kids
  • Sew Couture
  • Hula Mula
  • Gossip Girl Swim
  • Knuckleheads Clothing
  • Click Models
  • Major Model
  • Wilhelmina
  • Until There's a Cure Foundation